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Not all pole dancing classes are created equally. Come join our family & see for yourself why we are different! Our new customers keep saying " I learned more in one pole class then I did in 5 weeks ." Rachele Maier is Rochester NY Master pole choreographer. She is breaking the pole dance stereotype in Rochester. She is changing how people think about pole dancing! Pole dancing can be strength based, trick based, acrobatic based, amazing and beautiful. It does not have to be exotic dancer based. I guess the Old saying applies "There is a time & place for everything." Beginners please look for level 0-1 classes. Don't forget shorts & a small towel. If your interested in checking out the studio Please make an appointment.

Children, & youth aerial enrolling now for September!
Trapeze, lyra, straps and silks.

We are adding some new classes, Intro to Aerial, Pole hip hop, & Aerial Acrobatics.

Intro to Pole & Aerial Fitness (level 0-1.5) Intro to Silks combined with trapeze, & lyra and Intro to Pole dancing. Get ready to gain strength and go upside down at your first class.
A great way to gain strength for the silks is Intro to Pole.
We now offer Aerial only classes too.

no hoop dance experience required level 1
Hoop Dance This hoop dance/choero class will instruct you to learn some fun begginer tricks with a hula hoop. Learn the basics from how to hoop to dance and hoop.
Thursday 6:30 warm up for pole & Aerial class.

Acro Pole & Aerial (intermediate) Our level 1.5-2 class
Pole dancing is changing into acrobatics. We work on strength, ballance, & flexibility. Students at this level are working on Acrobatics using the pole and silks, lyra & trapeze.
Prerequisites: level 1(5-15 weeks)

Introduction to Pole fitness 101 (beginner-intermediate) level 0- 1. Our Intro to Pole 101, is recommended for students from other studios (15 classes or less) or first timers to pole dancing. We focus on climbing, base pole tricks, combinations, & gaining the strength to safely invert. Unlike other pole studios we spend little time dancing. Students move to the New level 1.5 where basic inverts are taught. Intro to Pole 101 was created to keep new people together so more experienced students are not held back. This class enables students to join Tangent's at any time instead of waiting for the next class to start. New basic skills test for students who have taken classes elsewhere. Test your ability to see if your ready for the next level. Our new Pole Virgin class is recommended before Intro to Pole.

The Art of Pole/Aerial Acro (Advanced-pro) Level 3-5 Monday & Thursday some level 2 students can come. Please ask in advance.
Follow Rachele through 20 plus years of creative pole work. The Art of Pole allows advanced students to reach their full potential. Advanced inversions, combinations, mounts, and graceful transitions will be taught. Complex Spins, the Silks & other Aerial apparatuses will spice things up add to the fun! There is always more to learn, practice, and improve upon. In The Art of Pole, the sky is the limit! We can assist you in learning any move you wish to learn, but remember it takes time and practice!
Prerequisites level 1, 2

Private Lessons or Semi Private-Please make an appointment
Package deals available

TANGENT'S VIP Pass (no pole sharing) Don't wait for classes to start. Join us now. We have ongoing classes with walk-ins for many classes. We offer start your own private class option when you and 7 friends buy a VIP pass but not needed to start classes. Become a VIP save money while having the luxury of choosing the days and times, you come in from our schedule! Includes open pole and Aerial. You will have 90 days to use your classes up chose from 4, 5, 10. or 20 classes( twice a week option). Please email for pricing.

Classes offered Hours of operation may change depending on clients requests. Private classes or parties may have some restrictions. All classes expire 90 days from purchase. 6 week, expire 6 weeks after start date. Owner has the right to change class times; if less than three people show on a weekly bases.