What to wear?

Tangent's has a changing room/locker room.
With Full size lockers (locks provided)

Bring cotton shorts to change into and a small hand towel for the pole.
Shorts that expose thighs are best suited for pole class. No leggings!
Please do not wear jewelry on the hands and feet
anklets, toe rings, bracelets, and rings. Jewelry
will need to be taken off before the start of class or party!
No shoes or socks are required but HIIT & bootcamp class requires sneakers.
Do not put on lotion or use moisturizing body oils an hour before class.
Lotions and body oils will make the skin slippery on the poles.
For Bootcamp or HIIT bring shorts, sneakers, towel, and water!

Be sure that you are comfortable walking
in the heels you choose to wear for parties. Please do not bring heels for classes.

REMEMBER: wearing heels can result in injury in or outside of our parties!
please use caution and your best judgment.